The story could only come out of Hollywood (or Queensland). In a particularly audacious move a bunch of hipsters have metaphorically poked the Hells Angels' bear in their quest for capitalist nirvana.

The Hells Angels are suing Redbubble, an online retailer running an eponymously-named website selling 'hipster' products, in the Queensland Federal Court for selling t-shirts bearing the HELLS ANGELS trade mark and 'death head' logo.

Hells Angels are alleging trade mark infringement, copyright infringement and breach of the ACL (under provisions similar to those in New Zealand's Fair Trading Act). Although sales of the t-shirt were hellishly slow, Hells Angels are seeking increased damages, due to the anxiety and hurt feelings the hipsters have inflicted on the motorcycle enthusiasts.

It's reported that one of Rebubble's defences is that it can't be liable because its servers are based in the US, not Australia, although I suspect this argument might owe more to journalistic licence than anything else.

The matter is currently being heard and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. We'll keep you posted.