"Doggie Share" is a New Zealand-based website that allows Dog Lovers and Dog Owners to connect and, you guessed it, share some dog-time.

Doggie Share is the creation of Auckland-based digital design and production studio, Almond. The idea for Doggie Share came from the studio owners’ own experience dog-sitting for someone who didn’t have the time to walk their pug during the day. They soon realised that this situation wasn’t unique, and that many Dog Owners needed help caring for their dogs, but couldn’t afford the hefty prices of other dog-caring services.

With their love for dogs in mind, Almond launched their Doggie Share website earlier this year. Doggie Share is a platform where Dog Lovers who aren’t able to commit to owning a dog of their own can match with Dog Owners, who can’t spend as much time with their dogs as they would like to.

Dog Owners can subscribe for under $8 a month and will instantly be connected with some devoted and eager Dog Lovers nearby. Check out their website www.doggieshare.co.nz to see for yourself.

Hudson Gavin Martin were delighted to help Doggie Share get this project off the ground and are very excited to see it take off!