The best things happen when fashion and technology get together. The industries have been left stunned and inspired by the latest innovation in textile design – pineapple leather. 

Produced by Spanish designer and businesswoman, Carmen Hijosa of Ananas Anam, the new "leather" is taking the fashion world by storm.

Manufactured from pineapple's waste plant fibres, the new patent-protected textile is applauded for both its durability, biodegradability and cost-efficiency, and is proving to be a viable alternative to real leather.

After seven years in the making, Hijosa has coined her fashion-forward creation “Piñatex”, which has been snapped up by design brands across the world who are already incorporating the new eco-conscious textile into their product ranges - from handbags and footwear, to clothing, homeware and furniture.

The popularity of Piñatex comes to no surprise as it offers a completely sustainable textile. Piñatex uses no extra land, water, fertilizers or pesticides in production as the fibres used are the by-product of pineapple harvests. Its production is providing a good source of income for farmers in pineapple-growing countries, all the while being a fashionable and durable textile that seamlessly fits into leather-dominated designs.

Hijosa’s Piñatex is surely just the start, and we wait wide-eyed and eager for the next fashion and tech collaboration responding to consumers growing demands for more sustainable practices.