The way I used to consume content 10 years ago is unrecognisable when compared to how I consume content today.  I now choose whether I watch content through a tap, click or swipe, often within seconds and very often on the move.  The rapid convergence of technology over the last few years has given me more choice and more control over the content I consume.  It also means that content creators in NZ are now competing on a world stage.  In a bid to address this changing media landscape and to preserve a space for local content within it, NZ on Air has announced the creation of a single fund - the NZ Media Fund.  The new fund will replace multiple currently overlapping funds and strategies, and will cover four streams - Factual, Scripted, Music, and Platforms.  While the new fund is open to a broader range of platforms, in a bid to ensure quality and diversity, NZ on Air has set a high threshold in terms of funding criteria that will need to be met to access the fund.  This includes cultural or social value, innovation, potential audience size and appeal, and co-investment from the commissioning platform.  If you’d like to provide feedback on the fund, you can do so at until 18 November.