With the announcement that the last remaining manufacturer of VHS Video Cassette Recorders will soon stop manufacturing the machines its a good opportunity to think about how our means of working, home entertainment, and storing memories, has continued to evolve.  

As I write this I'm uploading several hundred documents to Dropbox, so those documents can be easily accessed by selected third parties to a business transaction elsewhere.  

Yesterday I reorganised my digital photos in a Cloud storage app, and tonight I expect to play music I rent (but don't own) via a streaming solution through my networked renderer.

And all the while my CDs sit in old wine cartons in the garage, my VHS cassettes of the 1987 Rugby World Cup remain all but unplayable as we no longer have a VCR to play them on, and the large bag of old photos under the stairs is still accessible, but little accessed.

With my CDs, VHS cassettes and old photos I knew where they were, and how to play them.  But with online cloud solutions now so prominent I now need third party involvement to enable me to access my work documents, my music and my memories.   Do you know the terms under which a third party will allow, or not allow, you to access your versions of those?