At least that was Kermit’s view 40 years ago.  Fortunately, thanks to a carbon certification programme called carboNZero, nowadays it is a little easier.  The carboNZero programme is managed by Enviro-Mark Solutions; a New Zealand based company (and wholly-owned subsidiary of Landcare Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute) that provides environmental certification both in New Zealand and off-shore.  Since its formation in 2001, its programmes have ensured that worldwide over 300 environmentally conscious companies (in over 17 countries) benefit from international best practice, applied science and effective carbon management tools.  

Hudson Gavin Martin regards operating in a sustainable manner as an important part of its philosophy and the firm has been certified since 2011.  We are delighted to announce that we recently successfully completed the annual certification requirements of the carboNZero programme for the 5th time (for the period 2015/2016) and since 2011 have reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by over 20%.

It’s easy to “say” you are green, or operate “sustainably”, or in an “environmentally conscious” manner.  These terms are over used in society by many entities as they appreciate the importance of such an appearance, if not for the sake of the planet per se, then at least in the way they are perceived by third parties.

However Kermit nailed it with his reference to “being” green; “being” is harder than merely “saying”.  Certification for the carboNZero programme is supported by ISO standards (ISO 14064-1:2006 and PAS 2050:2011), international best practice and, most importantly, is independently audited.  Certification is not easy; but is certainly achievable.

Like Ecotricity, House of Travel (Auckland City), Ricoh New Zealand, Antipodes Water Company, Wellington Zoo, Soar Printing, Babbage Consultants, Yealands Wine Group, ZEALANDIA ecosanctuary, Kiwi Express, Kia Motors New Zealand, Evolu New Zealand, Ecoware and Brother International (NZ), we are proud to be green!