This phenomenal rate of data consumption is not unique to New Zealand consumers. We've seen a huge increase in data consumption by New Zealand businesses over the last few years.  In part, this is due to the increasing availability of commercial products and services that use fibre technology and the opportunities they provide.  “Dark fibre”, for instance, allows businesses to scale their digital connectivity as and when needed, is fast (up to 100 Gigabits per second and getting faster) and is green (the energy required to transmit data over fibre is a fraction of that required to send electrical signals over the same distance). But, as with any purchasing decision, it comes with its risks. Among other things, it is a physical asset that needs to be maintained and, because you don’t usually own the fibre, you are reliant on a third party to maintain the fibre and thereby ensure your business continuity. While this may be daunting for some businesses, no new technologies come without risk and it is important to note that the risks associated with the use of “dark fibre” can be mitigated through business/process design and/or through contractual arrangements.