The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau has recently upheld a complaint against an advertisement for the Bentley Continental GT Speed being driven on an open road at up to 330km per hour.  The relevant Australian Code says advertisers should not depict "aggressive or reckless  driving" and avoid "explicitly drawing attention to ... the speed capabilities of the vehicle."   Despite being driven by a race driver in controlled conditions it is hard to see how the advertiser thought the advertisement complied.  The other interesting thing is that the car was stated as being driven on a highway in Australia where the speed is ungoverned so it was legal.  But not surprisingly a 330km  speed is  unlawful in most parts of Australia where the advertisement was broadcast  so  the complaint was upheld.  The New Zealand the Advertising Standards Association has similar code provisions relating to vehicle advertising (albeit of a more general nature) so we also will not see the TVC on our screens.  And at AUD428,000 we will probably will not see  too many of the Bentley Continental GT Speeds on  our roads - which is a pity!