In encouraging news for the tech sector, Visa is asking New Zealand developers to collaborate with it to enhance the payment service provider's offerings to its customers. Visa sees the bridge between the physical and the digital world as critical in order to provide customers with a smooth transaction process. The great news is that it feels that allowing local developers to work with the Visa platform to develop new capabilities is the best way to transform the consumer experience in New Zealand. 

The internet of things has the ability to transform the way we live in so many intuitive ways. However, when used in a payment context, a customer's key concern is generally security. First, a customer will want to ensure that its money is safe: how will the payment service provider ensure that my account is only accessed in an authorised manner? Second, a customer will want to know that all data transferred as part of the payment is done securely.  Therefore, we consider that any successful collaboration will need to have security at the heart of its considerations in order for it to be embraced by customers.

We look forward to seeing New Zealand developers taking up this opportunity to enhance the way the payment industry operates here.